PCI Geomatics is pleased to announce that Geomatica® 10, the company's industry-leading image-centric geospatial software is now shipping. In this version, PCI Geomatics has taken the software to a new level, incorporating several new features to make the software as automated and productive as possible.

"PCI Geomatics understands that time is money. This is why we have focused on automation with this release; to reward our customers with the ability to become more efficient and productive, and ultimately more competitive," says Michael Agnes, Director of Software Sales at PCI Geomatics.

Geomatica 10 introduces automatic ground point collection through advanced image-correlation technology. Automated ground control point collection, combined with Geomatica OrthoEngine satellite and air photo models, enables fast and accurate orthorectification. Working in conjunction with the new Geomatica® Desktop Production Engine - a collection of improvements to the Geomatica® Modeler batch-processing capability, completely automated ortho-mosaic workflows are possible.

With the Desktop Production Engine, options that allow input file, export file, and parameter-setting variation throughout multiple runs of a model are available for each task's module. These improvements make Geomatica 10 Modeler a much more powerful visual modeling environment and can turn any series of tasks into a fully automated process.

Enhancements to the OrthoEngine auto-mosaicking tool include a new mosaic preview feature. You can now test results of several mosaic parameter settings and inputs through lower resolution mosaic previews. This feature saves time and disk space, and allows greater workplace productivity and efficiency.

GeoTango SmartDigitizer, a semi-automated feature extraction tool, has also been incorporated in Geomatica 10; however, due to GeoTango's change in ownership, this feature is available for a limited time only.

For more information on the latest features of Geomatica 10, visit www.pcigeomatics.com/g10.

For more information about PCI Geomatics, visit www.pcigeomatics.com.