Optech Incorporated, the global market leader in the development and manufacture of laser-based survey instruments, and Applied Imagery, the maker of the QT Modeler software, have entered into a strategic partnership. In this partnership, Optech will include QT Modeler software with the shipment of every Airborne Laser Terrain Mapper (ALTM) Lidar system.

The Optech ALTM - Airborne Laser Terrain Mapper is the world's most accurate and versatile airborne lidar data acquisition system, offering laser pulse rates as high as 100 kHz, and producing elevation data of unparalleled density and unprecedented low cost per posting.

"We're delighted to have entered into a partnership that will continue to enhance the value added proposition that we provide to all our ALTM customers," says Jake Jenkins, Director of Optech's Terrestrial Survey Division. "Including Applied Imagery's QT Modeler as part of our comprehensive ALTM system package enables our customers to increase their productivity immensely."

The QT Modeler, originally developed at Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Lab (APL) allows standard PC's to process massive LiDAR data sets. The QT Modeler can build point clouds up to 100 million points and surface models up to 200 million points. The QT Modeler Version 5.0 provides robust analytical features and tools that narrow the gap between LiDAR and GIS applications.

According to Applied Imagery's president, Chris Parker, "Optech is an established LiDAR industry leader and we are very pleased to be partners with them."

Source: Optech Incorporated, Jan. 23, 2006.