RDV Systems - creators of the breakthrough Rapid Design Visualization technology enabling a quick and affordable 3D engineering design simulation - has just released its new version: V2006.2. The new version represents a major step forward by enabling Autocad users to achieve amazing results faster than ever from their design drawings.

RDV's unique, interactive, web-enabled design review tool, effortlessly transforms 3D CAD data into an easily understandable visualization. Once the RDV user interface is integrated into the user's design and drafting software, visualization becomes part of the daily workflow.

RDV's new version contains a host of innovative features, such as AEC-OBJECTS support and Render Material Styles allowing Civil 3D, Map 3D, Architectural Desktop and Building Systems users to maximize 3D simulation benefits through a simple click of a button. "In essence, it transforms a difficult 3D simulation process into an easy and effective system," explains Eliezer Miller, RDV's Director of Sales and Marketing. To clarify even further, Miller points out that: "Our latest version provides new support for automatic corridor visualization. This feature changes a long and arduous Civil 3D process into a fast, few button click procedure."

RDV's new version is an essential tool for the infrastructure and GIS markets. A good example of its use can be found in design firms participating in tenders. Today, design firms know that in order to win a design contract they have to put their best foot forward at the conceptual stage. "It's a very competitive process demanding the best presentation possible," explains RDV CEO Natan Elsberg. "Everyone knows that quality visualization is the key to success. Until now the problem has always been the time involved in getting the job done." That's where RDV steps in, enabling design firms to gain a competitive edge by creating superior presentations in-house. Through these effective 3D simulations they are able to provide prospective clients with an accurate visualization from all angles based on a detailed analysis of the project. This advanced approach helps bridge the gap between the design experts and the outside community reliant on their services by giving the latter the feeling that finally they have reliable professionals who understand every angle of their venture.

About RDV Systems

RDV Systems is a dynamic company that has quickly emerged as a leader in Building Infrastructure and GIS visualization. Its unique approach to modeling and simulation of complex engineering projects is revolutionizing the way the Building Infrastructure and GIS community use visualization to evaluate, communicate, Analyze and Publish their projects.

RDV Systems is a subsidiary of the DataSafe group with corporate headquarters in Lod, Israel.

You can visit RDV Systems at: www.rdvsystems.com

Source: RDV Systems, January 23, 2006.