Overwatch Geospatial Operations, formerly Sensor Systems, will host a free Breakfast Workshop on March 1, 2006, to demonstrate the Precision Positioning functionality now offered in its RemoteView imagery visualization and geospatial analysis software system.

The unclassified workshop is open to all RemoteView software users, however, space is limited at the Overwatch training center in Sterling, Va. Attendees must register in advance by calling Jessica Hall at 703-437-7651. Breakfast begins promptly at 8:30 am.

The workshop will feature demonstrations of precision positioning tools such as RVPinPoint, Bundle Block Adjustment, and Tactical Registration available in RemoteView Professional. These tools are vital for increasing the precise geopositional location of extracted features and images.

"We developed these new Precision Positioning workflows for both commercial and NTM imagery in response to the growing need for extracting feature position in three dimensions," said Kirk D. Brown, President of Overwatch Systems Geospatial Operations. "Our goal is to dramatically shorten the period of time between the acquisition of imagery and the delivery of usable precise positional information to the end user."

RemoteView is capable of extracting very precise geopositional information from the latest NTM imagery data sets through a multiple-image ray intersection workflow that requires no ground control. This workflow, offered in the RemoteView iGeoPos Module (NGA certified) and the RVPinPoint tool (non-certified), requires only imagery with either camera model or rational polynomial coefficient support in image metadata.

RemoteView Bundle Block Adjustment corrects the georeferencing of multiple overlapping images simultaneously, resulting in better image mosaic alignment. RemoteView has now implemented this rigorous photogrammetric process using a wizard-based user interface, bringing traditional "high-end" photogrammetric processes to the geospatial and image analyst environment. The RemoteView Bundle Block Adjustment process includes a fully automatic tie point collection process that uses image correlation techniques to generate hundreds of tie points in minutes without any user intervention or parameter selection. RemoteView Bundle Block Adjustment can perform a rigorous adjustment of imagery with or without ground control points.

Tactical Images, such as Global Hawk or Predator imagery, might not have the required support data needed to perform precision positioning. The process of registering tactical images to reference imagery is now integrated into the same Precision Positioning Wizard used to perform multi-image geopositioning. One simple extra step, in which the user "ties" the tactical imagery to the reference images is all that is required to register tactical imagery acquired by UAV platforms and tie it precisely in three dimensions to registration images.

All workflows will be demonstrated in unclassified environments at the breakfast workshop.

RemoteView is a key component of the Overwatch Intelligence Center (OIC) created when Overwatch Systems of Morristown, N.J., integrated the resources of five companies, including Sensor Systems. The OIC is a suite of integrated geospatial and fusion software tools for the defense/intelligence community. It focuses on providing situational awareness by enabling analysts to generate relevant, actionable intelligence faster and more effectively for the warfighter, first responder and decision maker.

For information on the March 1 Breakfast Workshop, visit the Overwatch web site at or call 703-437-7651. Attendees must register in advance. The Overwatch Training Center is located at 103A Carpenter Drive, Sterling, Va.

Source: Overwatch, Feb. 6, 2006