Park Ridge, IL -

With the January cohort of certified GIS professionals (GISPs) the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) surpassed the 1,000 GIS professional milestone. There are now 1,016 GISPs as of January 25, 2006. The first group of GISPs was certified in October of 2003 as a result of the pilot program used to test the rigor of the process. The Institute formally opened its doors on January 1, 2004. In two years, GISCI has reviewed and certified the applications of over 1,000 professionals.

"The 1,000 mark is significant as it indicates that we continue to build the broad community necessary to actively guide the GIS profession", said GISCI President Lynda Wayne, GISP. "I encourage these GISPs to become involved in GISCI mentoring and ethics initiatives, volunteering, and, most importantly, local opportunities to contribute their skills and coordinate with allied geospatial data professionals."

Initial GISCI estimates had the Institute having between 600-700 GISPs at the start of 2006. The windfall can be attributed to the active network of GISPs who continue to promote the program and themselves through sound and ethical practice.

ESRI has renewed its generous offer to donate training and materials to the next 1,000 GISPs. These materials are an added bonus for successful applicants and demonstrate industry support for the program.

Applications are processed individually but receive certification as part of a monthly group. This makes it impossible to determine the identity of the 1,000th GISP. All members of the January 2006 cohort can take pride in knowing it was their application that helped GISCI attain this important achievement. Credit also goes to the hundreds of GISPs who preceded them.

The full manifest of certified GIS professionals is on the website. To download application materials or for more information regarding the GISCI certification program please visit or call (847) 824-7768.

Source: GISCI, February 6, 2006