The popular 330 LX Link-Belt by LBX has been updated with a Tier III Emission Certified Engine with a resultant productivity boost, enhanced operator comfort, and simplified service and maintenance - all features that showcase the company's commitment to providing value while achieving the highest standards for both its customers and the environment.

"We are committed to providing our customers with the highest levels of performance and reliability while meeting or exceeding clean air standards," said Scott Sutherland, Product Manager for LBX Company. "The 330 LX represents our focus on these key areas, and we will continue to advance leading-edge solutions that benefit our customers and the environment."


Released in January of 2006, the 330 LX features a Tier III emission certified 271 hp, 6-cylinder, 4-cycle diesel engine utilizing a common-rail fuel injection system, a fuel cooler and turbocharger with intercooler. The Isuzu AH-6HK1XYSS engine reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions while retaining performance, reliability and durability by utilizing the latest in engine design technology, Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR).

Additionally, the new Isuzu engine was designed with the knowledge that future emissions standards may require the addition of exhaust after-treatments, such as diesel particulate filters, and to make that transition seamless when it occurs.

Productivity boost

The 330 LX Tier III engine increases productivity due to a 10% increase in horsepower and a 7% improvement in fuel economy. Additionally, the 330 LX's value is extended by a 3% lifetime cost reduction and longer run times.

To provide additional versatility, auxiliary piping brackets are included as standard, so customers using allied attachments such as hammers, thumbs, compactors, shears, grapples or crushers can install aftermarket hydraulic plumbing without the need for welding or painting.

Operator comfort

In addition to the improvements in reliability and performance, the new 330 LX is further enhanced by improving the already best-in-class operator comfort. Innovative efforts have resulted in reduced control lever effort, shorter lever travel, increased responsiveness, and overall smoother operations.

Simplified service and maintenance

Service and maintenance is easier, too, due to a remote engine oil filter and fuel filters located in the pump room. The filters are vertically mounted, providing easy access and improved serviceability. The 330 LX also features a "green plug" for draining engine oil to prevent spills and to keep the environment clean. Furthermore, the popular EMS chrome-plated pin and self-lubricated bushing has been expanded to the boom, arm and bucket cylinders as well as to the linkage to arm connections.

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Source: LBX Company; January 25, 2006