Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging today announced the release of Leica Virtual Explorer V3.0. Developed to facilitate collaborative decision making through 3D visualization and sharing of geospatial information, Leica Virtual Explorer seamlessly integrates terabytes of spatial data into an interactive "digital earth" that can be distributed to thousands of users worldwide.

Leica Virtual Explorer empowers stakeholders to demonstrate 3D spatial relationships, driving awareness of project logistics while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. While independently or collaboratively exploring these environments, users may employ a broad array of geospatial query, analysis, annotation, 3D modeling and animation, overlay and raster editing tools. With Leica Virtual Explorer, organizations in an array of markets can build on the Leica Geosystems' 3D architecture, leveraging and streamlining the use of their GIS data to increase spatial communication and geospatial understanding.

"In the ever expanding global marketplace, it is critical that geospatial information can be easily accessed and collaboratively explored when organizations need to make planning decisions," said Bob Morris, President of Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging. "Leica Virtual Explorer provides a complete solution for exploitation of 3D GIS data in the worldwide arena - expanding the reach of their digital geospatial workflows."

The Leica Virtual Explorer tool suite comprises:

  • Leica Virtual Explorer Architect, for constructing and exploring realistic 3D scene interpretations from imagery, GIS layers, terrain and other geospatial and geotypical data;
  • Leica Virtual Explorer Client and Pro Client, enabling the remote exploration of 3D environments using a wide variety of terrain visualization and analysis tools;
  • Leica Virtual Explorer DVD, to convert rich 3D scenes into a format optimized for CD, DVD or other file-based distribution media;
  • Leica Virtual Explorer Server, for quick and efficient streaming of scenes over private networks or the Internet; and
  • Leica Virtual Explorer Collaboration, allowing simultaneous exploration, analysis, annotation and editing of 3D scenes among users worldwide.