Aurora, CO USA - Merrick & Company, a world leader in LIDAR, digital ortho imaging, photogrammetry and GIS mapping announces the appointment of William (Bill) Emison as MARS Product Manager.

Gary Outlaw, Vice President - Business Development, GeoSpatial Solutions states, "Bill is a knowledgeable technical consultant with experience in geospatial solutions marketing and business development. His expertise will enable Merrick to further enhance our MARS software and expand our MARS sales and marketing programs. We are pleased that he is part of Merrick's team." Mr. Emison is responsible for sales, marketing, product development and the MARS partner and reseller programs.

MARS (Merrick Advanced Remote Sensing) software offers users the ability to efficiently view and analyze large amounts of LIDAR data. With MARS, over one thousand square miles of data, representing 100 gigabytes of data, can be utilized at the desktop. This eliminates requirements for large and expensive network and database software. LIDAR projects can be viewed in their entirety and exported with minimal computing power. Learn more about MARS at

Source: Merrick & Company, Jan. 13, 2006.