Itasca, IL ,May 13, 2008 - Engineered Efficiency is proud to announce the release of its main AutoCAD Civil 3D add-on application, EE ProPack Base!

EE ProPack Base from Engineered Efficiency, Inc. is a set of productivity tools and feature enhancements for AutoCAD Civil 3D. The tools were developed in response to requests from end users who made their needs and whishes known on the AUGI wish list, Autodesk Discussion Groups, and feedback from EE customers.

The user interface of EE ProPack Base is designed to provide the integrated look and feel of the native AutoCAD interface. All the tools for EE ProPack Base are built into an easy to use palette. Additionally, most of the tools have an associated integrated AutoCAD command. This provides Cad managers and others the ability to create scripts and/or list routines that can easily use EE ProPack Base tools within the automation.

The tools in the EE ProPack Base are organized in a logical manner, with related tools grouped on their own palette tabs. EE ProPack Base comes with a fully documented Help File and is easy to install and use. The tools are briefly described below.

Settings and Setup Tools:The settings and setup tools are designed to assist in the drawing setup and in establishing settings. These include Import template; Import styles; Import command; and Object layer import and export.

General Tools:The general tools tab provides miscellaneous tools that work with multiple object types, and general Civil 3D objects. These include tools to Match properties between Civil 3D objects; Zoom to drawing coordinates in Google Earth; Convert Mtext to a Civil 3D note; and a simple Alignment station/offset tool.

Layer Tools:The layer tools tab provides an easy to use interface to allow any user to painlessly create a NCS-format layer name. Layers reference an editable database that Cad manages can customize.

Point Tools:Point tools are built to provide ease of access and creation to Civil 3D points. Tools include a fast Add point by interpolation; Inverse between two points; List available point numbers; and Zoom to a point by entering a point number.

Surface Tools:The surface tools are built to not only assist in working with Civil 3D surfaces, but also to assist in grading for surfaces. Included tools are Export Surface to STL, Allowing interaction between Civil 3D and Revit; and Set points along features line.

Profile Tools:Profile tools are the focus of this release and EE ProPack Base provides many tools that assist in the creation, editing, deletion, and linking Civil 3D profiles. These include Create multiple surface profiles for multiple alignment simultaneously; Reverse profile; Delete multiple profiles; Get profile elevation; and Link profiles so edits to one profile dynamically update another.

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