All surveying organizations--large or small, private or public--can make meaningful advances in efficiency by establishing a constant flow of information between the field and the office. With Trimble Access, survey teams connect and collaborate for improved efficiencies from start to finish.

Send Data Back and Forth--not People

• Missing a file?
• Change of plans at the jobsite?
• A client needs data right away?

With Trimble Access, you simply synchronize the files onto your Trimble controller from wherever you are. Upload files to the office the same way. Any changes made to files can be immediately updated and shared. That means less disruption, less time spent returning to the office, and less problem solving over the phone.

Timely Quality Assurance

Now you can know the data is right before your crews leave the jobsite. Instant access to field reports gives you instant visibility into the scope and quality of work that was performed. Any changes or new requests can likewise be uploaded, reviewed and executed without a return trip to the office.

New Streamlined Workflows

Dedicated workflows for road and tunnel surveys are available to make data collection and stakeout fast, simple and focused on the deliverables--not on the software commands for each task along the way. These workflows do more than save time, they also help to ensure that all teams collect and deliver data based on a single set of standard guidelines.

Win More Bids in More Applications

With significantly lower costs and shorter timelines, your bids can be more competitive. You can take better advantage of your team’s strengths. You will have more flexibility in the types of jobs you take on and the people available to bring them in under budget.