(Norcross, Ga., 04 June 2008) Golf enthusiasts have grown accustomed to animated imagery and artist renderings detailing every complex aspect of a championship golf course from challenging bunkers to multi-contoured sloping greens. When the U.S. Open begins on June 9, 2008 at Torrey Pines Golf Course in La Jolla, California, viewers will have a far more advanced visual experience.

At the request of the United States Golf Association (USGA) and IBM, Terra Imaging is developing a 3D terrain and imagery model of Torrey Pines using powerful Leica GPS - RTK (Real Time Kinematic) hardware and Terra Imaging‘s patented LASN ™ (Local Area Spatial Network) to gather high resolution airborne digital imagery and airborne LiDAR data to ultimately process hyper accurate 3D models.

Karl Engstrom, CTO of Terra Imaging, says, “This is an incredibly precise and amazing visual experience, superior to the usual artist renderings provided in the past. The golfer will have incredibly precise range distances, + - 2.5cm (1" - range from cart to hole), hyper accurate “play by play” analysis, and increased precision for player statistics. Our horizontal mapping accuracies are millimeter, sub-centimeter.“

On the ground, Terra Imaging surveyors rely on the Leica TPS1200+ total station with reflectorless EDM that measures distances over 1,000 meters as well as the one-man versatility of the Leica SmartStation high performance total station with powerful GNSS/GPS receiver.

Once all the data from the air and the ground is gathered, Terra Imaging relies on the Leica Cyclone II TOPO, a new generation of laser scanning software. With a simplified CAD-like interface and familiar office automation displays, the Leica Cyclone II TOPO is designed to take the complexity out of creating highly accurate topographic maps from laser scan data.

Gerard Manley, Vice President of Engineered Solutions with Leica Geosystems, adds, “We’re excited to work with Terra Imaging on this unique project to push visual imagery and user interaction to the next level. The combination of Terra Imaging’s innovative modeling concept and aerial imagery with the mobility and collaborative nature of our high definition scanners and total stations has created a seamless visual experience that will impress and excite viewers, announcers and professional golfers.”

Engstrom concludes, “Our partnership with Leica provides us with the best GPS technology in the world. Leica Geosystems has amazing optics and GPS sensors and we are happy to be working with them.”

Terra Imaging will be processing this highly detailed aerial and 3D view of Torrey Pines which will be available presented by IBM on the USGA’s website and will also be used in Terra Imaging’s golf cart based GPS navigation system, Recon – GC. Terra Imaging’s new website,www.3dgolfcourse.com, gives golfers a “first glance” at the new technology.