Automatic self-leveling rotating laser offers operational flexibility for indoor construction leveling and alignment tasks of all sizes and complexity.

(Norcross, Ga., 1 May 2008) The new, highly versatile Leica Roteo 35 rotating laser instrument from Leica Geosystems offers simple to operate and lightweight automated self-leveling functionality suitable for a wide range of interior leveling or alignment jobs. The instrument includes an integrated motorized mount with intuitive remote operation capabilities that make it especially easy to set working heights or move positions.

The all-in-one Leica Roteo 35 features an integrated motorized mount that quickly adjusts the laser height to millimeter accuracy by remote control. The Leica Roteo is a fully automatic horizontal or vertical laser with a 90 degree plumb beam, and a self-leveling range of +/- 9 degrees. It offers manual functionality for varying slope requirements on inclined planes. Its scanning modes enhance visibility in bright light conditions. Its user interface is simple and intuitive.

“With its integrated motorized wall mount and remote control features, the Leica Roteo 35 is the perfect interior construction tool for building professionals seeking versatility, precision and accuracy all wrapped up in an easy-to-use construction instrument.” Tim Commons, Vice President / General Manager - North America.