RICHMOND HILL , ONTARIO - Tuck Mapping Solutions' (Virginia, USA) new eagleeyemapping system incorporates the Applanix DSS 322 (Digital Sensor System) as its mainstay aerial imaging component. The eagleeye system is a fully integrated helicopter-based system that provides highly accurate terrain measurement simultaneously with high-resolution digital photography.

Tuck Mapping combined the DSS 322's robust inertial GPS technology with its current Riegl LiDAR scanner to form an integrated and matched helicopter-based mapping system that yields extraordinary vertical accuracy of approximately 2 inches. The Applanix DSS 322 features a precision medium format digital camera, advanced Position and Orientation technology designed for Airborne Vehicles (POS AV), and custom optics built within a small, rugged, and easy to install package.

"We designed the eagleeye mapping system in response to client needs for significantly better terrain measurement accuracy coupled with high-resolution photography and improved response time at a reasonable cost," commented Robert Tuck, President and founder of Tuck Mapping Solutions. "We wanted a complete mapping system capable of meeting client needs without requiring significant and costly on-the-ground resources. Many client projects require low altitude surveys and the DSS 322 camera can obtain 1.5 inch pixel resolution at 500 feet above ground level (AGL). All orientation parameters from the built-in inertial measurement unit and GPS data are collected by the Applanix system simultaneously for all sensors, including our LiDAR. "

"Applanix was a key contributor by providing equipment and technical expertise to help design an integrated system," added Tuck. "It is ideal for high-accuracy-reliant projects such as highway design, power line mapping, and utility corridor design. With all the data integrated from the start, we can fly a mission and have mapped results in a much shorter period of time. I expect that a large number of clients will find this integrated system ideal for their project needs."

The Applanix DSS 322 (Digital Sensor System) represents the leading edge in market-driven solutions for aerial surveying, GIS, and remote sensing applications. Shipped "ready-to-fly" with a 22 mega pixel CCD array and Aerolens custom-manufactured optics, the DSS 322 system can be deployed on an aircraft typically in less than an hour. Notable features include a new camera data module, computer firmware, plus enhanced Flight Management software and TruSpectrum technology engineered to generate high-quality color and color infrared (CIR) digital geospatial imaging products. It has been designed and built to directly serve all phases of a project life cycle - from initial flight planning, through digital image acquisition to final product output.

Applanix control features include a built-in automated flight management system for pilots, an integrated computer-controlled azimuth mount for maximum digital coverage, and integrated direct georeferencing and sensor calibration system. Designed to be a digital imagery workhorse, the DSS 322 provides quick data turnaround times with end-to-end processing and direct data import into photogrammetric and geographical information systems (GIS) . The high performance and portability of the medium format DSS allows the system to be used on various vehicle platforms including helicopters and multi-engine aircraft.

Further information on the DSS 322 can be obtained from Applanix sales or customer support personnel at