GeoDigital has purchased two additional Riegl Sensors to compliment GeoDigital sensor fleet.  

At the ASPRS event in Orlando FL, Alastair Jenkins President and CEO of GeoDigital International (GeoDigital) handed over a check to Jim Van Rens, President of Riegl USA for the purchase of two additional Riegl Sensors to compliment GeoDigital sensor fleet. 

“The accuracy, reliability and support provided to us by Riegl is a key reason why GeoDigital has utilized them in  our data acquisition systems, and this has in turn allowed us to become the largest provider of Helicopter and ground based corridor data acquisition to the Utility and infrastructure sectors," said Alastair Jenkins.

“We are pleased to contunue our support to an innovative company like GeoDigital, a relationship we have built over many years. With this purchase GeoDigital will have acquired a total of ten Riegl based LiDAR data acquisition systems from Riegl, and we look forward to building our relationship into the future,” stated Jim Van Rens.

GeoDigital has invested millions of dollars in continuously pushing the limits of the underlying technology and evolving innovative solutions that are tailored for a specific business need. Each advancement must meet the simple standard of producing more valuable information, more cost effectively, and within a shorter period of time.

“We have been actively listening to the stakeholders in the utility sector, including regulators, and have specifically worked with companies such as Riegl USA to build systems and products to address the challenges faced by the industry.” said Alastair Jenkins.

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