TRAVERSE PC INC. releasedTPC Desktop V9.0. V9 reads/writes AutoCAD 2006 DWG files, extending TPC Desktop's AutoCAD compatibility from R9 to R2006. V9 includes additional DWG enhancements like support for raster images, ellipses and the ability to explode any geometry like dimensions into simpler components. In addition, V9 exports drawings in AutoCAD's DWF (Design Web Format). DWF can be viewed by others using Autodesk's DWF Composer or any number of free DWG viewers available on the web. TPC V9 also reads/writes Bentley DGN V7 & V8 files. This is the first time TPC Desktop has directly supported DGN files. TPC interfaces with DGN levels, shared cells, models, views, fills and more. And V9 writes PDF files directly from Quick View, allowing users to archive and share drawings with others in Adobe's PDF format. PDF files can be viewed and plotted with Adobe Acrobat Reader and other free PDF compatible programs. (TPC, Florence, Ore.)