KINEMATIC NAVIGATION CC releasedPPro2 Staticsoftware. PPro2 Static is a Windows software package that processes raw GPS observational data to improve positioning accuracy to the decimeter, centimeter or even millimeter level. The software processing requires data to be collected from two static GPS receivers, one of which must be at a known position. The software supports both single- or dual-frequency receiver equipment. Antenna phase center corrections are supported in ANTEX or NGS format for when the user needs to use two different antenna types on one base line. For processing longer base lines, multiple frequency combination is possible when using dual-frequency equipment to enable easier fixing of carrier phase ambiguities. Precise satellite ephemerides in SP3 format can be used optionally to eliminate the loss of precision associated with broadcast orbits when the separation between receivers reaches about 50 km or more. An evaluation version of PPro2 Static that will process older data to full precision or newer data in DGPS mode is available for download from (Kinematic Navigation cc, Pretoria, South Africa)