EL SEGUNDO, CA (December 7, 2005)- Airborne 1 Corporation, a leading provider of LiDAR services, rentals, software and training worldwide, recently announced it has completed a high-resolution LIDAR project for a flood plain mapping initiative spanning hundreds of thousands of acres throughout Ventura County, California. Approximately 474,000 acres have been collected and processed by Airborne 1 over the past year following project initiation of an emergency floodplain mapping mission to study the Ventura Rivers in February 2005.

The call for updated maps illustrating the topography of this area came in response to the inundation of the Ventura Rivers and several neighboring cities by torrential rains earlier this year. Specifically included in the latest LiDAR collection are extensive regions throughout La Conchita, Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Santa Clarita, Oxnard and Simi Valley. The three main river corridors collected include Ventura River, Santa Clara River, and the Calleguas Creek.

"Airborne 1 Corporation was honored to be a part of this emergency initiative. The effects of last year's rains, especially with the La Conchita mudslide, devastated Ventura County. By providing the high-resolution topographic maps we generated, Ventura County now has the data needed to plan for and prevent such disasters in the future," said Eric Nisbet, Business Development Manager for Airborne 1 Corporation.

The LiDAR data for Ventura County was initially generated for floodplain analysis and sediment transfer modeling of the river corridors. Airborne 1 will make the raw data from these laser scans available for resale later this year, giving way to a variety of applications and opportunities in support of the growth and future of the Ventura County area. Organizations seeking high-resolution topographic information on the Ventura County area are encouraged to contact Eric Nisbet at 310-414-7400.

Among numerous smaller projects scheduled throughout California, a countywide initiative for the collection of San Mateo County, including the city of San Francisco, is currently underway. Airborne 1 plans to make this data set available as well, upon completion in early 2006.

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Source: Airborne 1, December 7, 2005