EL SEGUNDO, CA (December 12, 2005)-Airborne 1 Corporation, a leading provider of LiDAR services, assets, software, and training, announced today that the company has completed LIDAR collection and processing on standard and high-resolution data for hundreds of thousands of acres throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Teaming with numerous firms and departments over the last year, Airborne 1 has collected close to one million acres in Hawaii on behalf of the USGS, and several engineering and photogrammetry companies. The company will surpass the million acre benchmark with data collection on upcoming joint venture projects regarding hurricane assessments requested by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Collection is slated to begin late this year and continue into early 2006.

Airborne 1 has also announced that raw data from the laser scans performed over the last few months are available for resale to organizations seeking high-resolution topographic information in these areas. Limits files of the scanned regions can be provided by visiting the company's website and requesting a quick quote, or by calling Airborne 1. Specifically included in the latest LiDAR collection are extensive regions throughout Maui, the Big Island, Molokai, Oahu, and the entire island of Lanai.

In line with their joint venture projects, Airborne 1 recently unleashed a Hawaiian road show in order to round out their already extensive collection of Hawaiian data. In turn, the company offered deep discounts on mobilization fees to all companies seeking topographic data in the islands. The road show kicked off in late November and was scheduled to through December of 2005. An additional road show will begin again in early spring of 2006. Companies looking to collect data in Hawaii next year are urged to contact Elise MacPherson at (310) 414-7400 to take advantage of the event and lock in deeply discounted rates.

About Airborne 1

Airborne 1 Corporation (www.airborne1.com) provides advanced LiDAR technology and asset management for partners in the photogrammetry, surveying and mapping fields. From Turnkey Services, to LiDAR data processing and modeling Software/Training, Rentals, and Fractional Ownership Plans, Airborne 1 enables professionals to effectively enter the LiDAR market without having to incur the high costs of owning a sensor. Airborne 1's digital mapping services and solutions include a dedicated team of LiDAR surveying experts, state-of-the-art Optech ALTM sensors, LiDAR data processing analysis and application development, as well as LiDAR field survey coordination and project management. Airborne 1 is the leading LiDAR provider to U.S. photogrammetry, surveying, and mapping firms.

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Source: Airborne 1, December 12, 2005.