In June, I wrote about prestige and satisfaction related to your career (or your job, depending on how you view it). The level of prestige and satisfaction you have in your particular position will dictate whether you remain and grow in it, simply sustain it with little change, or perhaps leave it.

Regardless of where you are, you will benefit most by giving it one hundred percent. This also includes marketing yourself.

Argh, there's that word again! I know, I know, I'm a broken record. But some records are played so much because they make sense to the listener. And I hope this makes sense to you: as a surveyor, you need to know who you are serving. We all have an audience to reach. And no matter what position--higher or lower on the totem pole, no matter what size company--single, small, mid-sized or large, and no matter what age you are, you need to be aware of who your services are targeted toward. Good business men and women possess a high measure of integrity, know their markets, and keep promises made to their clients, their employers, their coworkers and themselves. Do you know who you are serving? The answer to this question will help to direct--or redirect, if needed--your daily performance and your future efforts.

Once you've established who you serve, evaluate how you serve them. One of the hottest topics of late has been fees, and whether surveyors serve their customers, the public and the profession well by what they charge for their services. Are you on track? Or are you self-serving?

Serving You

As the editor of the leading national publication for the surveying and mapping profession, I continually strive to serve you better. The support and direction of our parent company, BNP Media, streamlines this effort for me in many ways. Our immediate team further enhances it. Allow me to note some of the sources we've recently implemented to serve you better:

Our GeoLocator: New this year, our one-stop source for listings of manufacturers, equipment dealers and professional service providers nationally, regionally and locally is easier than ever to use. The listings on our website are searchable, include live links to websites and E-mail addresses, and can include PDF documents (such as product spec sheets, case studies, white papers or product catalogs) if provided by the listers.

Our digital edition: Our magazine has gone digital! Now the same great content you look for in each printed issue is available in electronic format--with extras! With one click, you can jump to specific sections, articles and ads. Go directly to advertisers' websites by clicking on their ads. And the best part? No waiting for the mail! By renewing your subscription to include our digital version, the electronic edition ofPOBwill be delivered to your inbox at the beginning of each month.

Online product surveys: Beginning last month, we were proud to boast about our new format for the exclusive product surveys you have come to trust for your product research efforts. While the content hasn't changed in our surveys--they still provide you with detailed, tabulated information on product specs--our new format offers you the capability to search across the listings within a survey, and even compare specific chosen models. The online housing format for these surveys allows the manufacturers to update listings as particular products are added to or discontinued from a product line, or as product specs or prices have changed. Each month we will roll out another survey in this format until they are all always online and always updated!

Our eNews: For years now,POB's biweekly electronic newsletter has been serving thousands of subscribers. We recently improved this information source to provide you with even more news. Sign up and read it every other Wednesday; we'll include new and updated material along with changing categories to keep you up to speed on everything surveying and mapping.

Our editors: New employees bring new perspectives to a company. Look for new flavor toPOB's products with an addition to our editorial team next month. Kimberly and I are still always available to serve you, too, so call or E-mail us anytime.

We atPOBhope the above sources will help you to succeed in your business. Perhaps they will help focus your daily activities better--or refocus them, if needed. It all comes down to knowing who you serve--and how to serve them.