MAPTECH released Terrain Navigator Pro Version 7.0.

MAPTECHreleasedTerrain Navigator Pro Version 7.0. Included in the new features are: color seamless orthos at 1-meter and submeter, Shape file export, PLSS bearings and waypoints, support for geo-referenced user photos, enhanced printing options, GPS auto setup and 3D fly-through animation. Version 7.0 also features updated street address information, bench marks, orthos (black/white 1-meter) and USGS topos.

Also, MAPTECH released ESRI ArcPAD Extension for computer handhelds. The ArcPAD Extension enables ArcPAD users who have Maptech's Terrain Navigator Pro to add thousands of topographic maps, orthophotos and elevation data to handheld Pocket PC computers. The extension is an Internet download product available at (Maptech, Amesbury, Mass.)(ESRI, Redlands, Calif.)