Park Ridge, Illinois - The University Consortium of Geographic Information Science (UCGIS) recently accepted the GIS Certification Institute's (GISCI) invitation to join GISCI as a Member Organization. The UCGIS is a non-profit organization of universities and professional organizations dedicated to advancing multidisciplinary research and education in geographic information science and technology.

This partnership helps fulfill the goals of both organizations. The academic integrity of UCGIS gives further credibility to the GISP credential and ensures the program's educational requirements will be properly maintained. This news follows the National States Geographic Information Council's (NSGIC) and the Association of American Geographers (AAG) decision to join the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) as GISCI Member Organizations. UCGIS's participation increases the diversity of GIS professionals represented within GISCI and strengthens its ability to continue the development of the profession.

"We are very pleased to accept the invitation to join the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) as a Member Organization," announced UCGIS President Nina Lam. "We look forward to working with GISCI to help advance the GIS profession in every way."

"The UCGIS educational perspective will greatly support GISCI efforts to more fully define the educational foundation of the GIS professional and to identify opportunities for the continuing education of existing professionals," said Lynda Wayne, President of GISCI.

GISCI Member Organizations are geographic information science and technology organizations that select representatives to serve on the GISCI Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is then comprised of individuals, appointed by the Member Organizations, that serve as the governing body of GISCI. UCGIS, joins NSGIC, AAG, and URISA as Member Organizations.

Source: GISCI, November 29, 2005