Posted By h.e. turner on 10/16/2008 at 10:02 PM

If a sole practitioner can make it in the biz surveying long enough they'll find that most of their income will come from repeat clients and referrals from those clients. Anyway, I was hired yesterday by a client from 2003.

I staked about 1300' of their boundary lines for fencing purposes. Their property, as many around here are, was a 7.5 acre tract that was basically 250' wide. Now, we all know you can't stake 1/2 of the lines without surveying the whole of the tract and everything worked out fine. They just didn't want any plat work done at the time and so they saved that money.

Now, they are constructing an addition on the back of their house and their bank is requiring that they get a foundation location, full blown boundary plat!, FOR A CONSTRUCTION DRAW!. Saints preserve us all. Haven't seen anything like this in a minute around these parts. To top a tee, you can look at their property on the gis aerial and see that no part of their house is located anywhere near a property line.

I asked about this and the client explained the hoops are growing in numbers and difficulty.

Maybe there's a silver lining in this mess for us after all.

Hang in there and take care.

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