Posted By fls . on 10/16/2008 at 8:13 PM

Simple boundary question, I'd like to throw out there. Its been a long day and I should sleep on this, but here it is.

I have parcel on a lake. I can locate the deed on the ground, by using a couple of pipes and the deed bearings. My deed has a call for the "South Line of Andrews". The deed to the North came fom Andrews title (of course), but per the monumentation found there gives me a 10' gore on East end, between my deed bearings and the monuments to the north. I would like to throw out my deed bearings and using that call for "N.L.- Andrews" pull my parcel north to the monumented line.

In doing this I would put our new well outside our parcel and the gore on the South side of my parcel.

I also have a call from a line to the south to "Andrews line" that fits within 2' with the monumented line in question.

It becomes a question of either blindly holding the deed and ingorethe monuments and adjoinning deed data I pulled out, or throwing my deed out and do a new survey on this parcel with new description and all. The deed call of Andrews line, to me is the deciding factor to this survey, as far as what to hold.

BTW - if I hold the deed the new well is on our parcel. Also, there is more land out there than called for in the deeds or tax maps.

Any input?