ATLANTA, Ga.-TerraGo Technologies announced that MAP2PDF for GeoTIFF is now available, allowing TerraGo customers to create GeoPDF files directly from GeoTIFF files. These GeoPDF files are then viewable with the free Adobe Reader and include enhanced mapping functionality via the free GeoPDF toolbar.

GeoTIFF is a standard image file format used by GIS professionals to store and publish high resolution maps and imagery. GeoTIFF is based on the standard TIFF file and allows for embedded georeferencing information. It is commonly used as an interchange format for aerial photography and scanned maps. MAP2PDF for GeoTIFF allows users to convert GeoTIFF files to the more functional and flexible GeoPDF format.

GeoPDF is the TerraGo Technologies adaptation of the Adobe PDF format that lets users view maps, measure distances and areas, query attributes, display coordinates and create redlines and notes with Adobe Reader that can be incorporated back into GIS databases via .shp files.

In addition to its advanced cartographic functionality, MAP2PDF for GeoTIFF optimizes the GeoPDF by tiling and compressing the imagery inside the PDF.

This optimization allows users to work with large image files in Adobe Reader efficiently, including panning and zooming. Raw images are compressed to a fraction of the original file size allowing for easier distribution to end users.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) uses MAP2PDF for GeoTIFF to help manage the more than 55,000 maps that cover the entire U.S. in minute detail.

"The GeoPDF format provides a highly efficient means for displaying and facilitating print-on-demand replication of USGS topographic quadrangles,"

says John Davis, Chief, Science Information Delivery section. "TerraGo's approach is extremely user friendly and their free downloadable toolbar provides numerous GIS applications that can be manipulated by even the most novice user. The link to Google Maps is especially useful."

"MAP2PDF for GeoTIFF is another example of TerraGo's commitment to providing our customers with the most flexible and powerful map publishing solutions in the industry," says James Davis, TerraGo Technologies president and CEO. "We will continually add products like this to the portfolio so TerraGo customers are always able to take advantage of the widest variety of formats and technologies to get their jobs done effectively."

About TerraGo Technologies

TerraGo Technologies is the provider of mapping solutions that leverage the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). TerraGo's product line, MAP2PDF allows GIS professionals to convert complex, georegistered geospatial data into maps with extensive, embedded data which can be easily distributed, viewed and manipulated by non-GIS professionals, leveraging valuable geospatial assets across the enterprise. For more information,

Source: TerraGo Technologies, November 13, 2006.