Those who are new to the surveying profession and those out of work in the current economy could possibly use a few hints on finding jobs. To get an idea of where to look, we asked visitors toPOBOnline ( to answer a few questions and provide suggestions.

The majority of respondents said they look to the newspaper, networking and surveying-related websites such as POB when seeking jobs. One responded said the best way to find a job is not to be looking for one -- one will come along at the right moment. The good news is that every respondent said that finding a surveying job is easy or moderate rather than difficult, so chances of finding the job you want are good. This is particularly true if you are willing to relocate, as eight out of 10 respondents are. The down side for new surveyors is that experience counts for quite a bit; Most respondents said that experience has been a requirement when applying for a job. Many respondents also said that education and/or experience should be required or if not required, at least considered.

Responses varied as to what is most important in a job:

“My being happy with what I do and where I work.” – LS, Florida.

“Reputation of the company.” – LS, Colorado.

“Benefits/insurance, and a good firm with lots of support.” – LS, Pennsylvania.

“Pay and a retirement plan.” – LS, Texas.

“Benefits, insurance and the opportunity for advancement.” – LS, Washington.

When we asked what the best advice is for someone who wants to enter the surveying profession, we received a variety of responses, such as:

“You will never get rich, but you stick with it because it gets in your blood.” – LS (no state listed.)

“Get an education, be willing to start out at the bottom, and study, study, study…” – LS, Washington.

“Spend as much time as you can in the field with a good surveyor. The rest of the time - study, study and study.” – LS, Pennsylvania.

“Get your license.” – LS, Colorado.

“DO NOT stagnate; Always try to move up the ranks. In surveying, it is easy to become complacent. Don’t be scared of new technology, but find out about it and consider it.” – LS, Florida.

“Business education is more important than survey education.” – LS (no state listed.)