Tripod Data Systems (TDS), Corvallis, Oregon, announced the release of Survey Pro for Pocket PC. This new version of TDS’ popular surveying software allows surveyors to use small handheld computers for land surveying applications in the field. Survey Pro for Pocket PC comes with most of the features available in earlier versions of Survey Pro CE, including roads functions.

Survey Pro’s complete suite of surveying functions includes COGO, roads, traverse and sideshot routines, coordinate translation and rotation, plus offset staking, slope staking and DTM staking routines. Survey Pro for Pocket PC also contains several new features designed to take advantage of the Pocket PC platform. Survey Pro for Pocket PC comes with a Quick Pick menu that allow quick access to 15 commonly used features. The Quick Pick button, which is visible from most screens in the program, can pull up the map view, calculator, raw data, manage layers screen and popular COGO functions as well as others. Surveyors can also use the Compaq iPAQ to map the keys to the most common Survey Pro functions.

TDS plans to sell accessories such as environmental cases with ruggedized connection support to help users make their handheld computers more durable in the field.

Survey Pro for Pocket PC is available now through authorized TDS dealers. Visit