THALES Navigationreleased theAshtech DG16 GPS+Beacon+SBAS receiver, an OEM single board solution for high-end integration in submeter positioning and navigation applications. The DG16 is a 16-channel receiver with 12 GPS L1 code and carrier channels, two optional Satellite Based Augmentation Systems channels and two optional 300 kHz DGPS beacon channels. The DG16 accepts corrections from multiple sources. The DG16 can output SBAS ranging, ephemeris and differential corrections as well as beacon corrections through the serial port. It offers optimal signal tracking and enhanced Ashtech Edge and Strobe Correlator technologies as well as improved multipath mitigation. The DG16 has a low power consumption/sleep mode, 20 Hz position and raw data output rate, session programming, a wide array of coordinate transformation options, advanced in-band and out-of-band interference rejection capabilities and improved under-tree tracking. (THALES Navigation, Santa Clara, Calif.)