PCI Geomatics has begun shipping its new software, according to the company.

PCI Geomatics, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, has begun shipping Geomatica OrthoEngine software that incorporates the ability to orthorectify Geo OrthoKit IKONOS satellite imagery. Space Imaging, a provider of earth imagery and related services to commercial and government markets, announced the first major photogrammetric software companies to incorporate the ability to orthorectify the new GEO OrthoKit IKONOS satellite imagery into their software suites.

PCI Geomatics is the first company able to offer customers the immediate ability to orthorectify IKONOS satellite imagery with Space Imaging’s newest product, the GEO Ortho Kit. The Geo OrthoKit consists of a high-resolution Geo image derived from the IKONOS satellite and an Image Geometry Model (IGM) digital file. By incorporating the IGM and a Geo image into the leading commercial imagery software suites, users will be able to create an accurate ortho image by using their own digital elevation models and ground control points. IGM provides the complete and accurate sensor geometry, the metric accuracy of the final orthorectified image is limited by the accuracy of the DEM and GCPs. The product is available as par of the Geo product suite in 1-meter black-and-white, 1-meter color, or 4-meter multispectral. For more information, visit www.spaceimaging.com or www.pcigeomatics.com