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Earthscan Network, Albuquerque, N.M., and AirPhotoUSA, Phoenix, Ariz., formed a business relationship. EarthScan will distribute AirPhotoUSA’s digital aerial imagery and its Change Detection application via EarthScan’s website, www.EarthScan.com, and will develop a web-based e-commerce system for AirPhotoUSA. AirPhotoUSA will offer EarthScan’s Image Distribution Service technologies to its clients.

"We are also very pleased to extend our Image Distribution Services through AirPhotoUSA. We feel that this relationship helps fill the market’s need for more efficiency in extracting actionable information from imagery,” stated John Rasure, CEO of EarthScan.

The color data from AirPhotoUSA will be available on EarthScan’s and its affiliate sites in August. The complete dataset will take a few months to completely install.