Autodesk released five new software products: Autodesk Map 5, Autodesk Land Desktop 3 (see screenshot above), Autodesk Civil Design, Autodesk Survey and Autodesk OnSite 2. Autodesk Map 5 features a connection to Oracle Spatial database, thematic mapping using Wizards, an improved user interface, an enhanced import/export engine and wavelet support. Autodesk Land Desktop 3 features LandXML support, managing standards via Point Group and Point Listing, and a new central project data structure. Autodesk Civil Design features a vertical road design editor, which includes road engineering, site design and grading, hydrology assessment and storm and sanitary drain design; plotting of secondary profiles onto a master profile; and sampling of stations at key elevation locations. Autodesk Survey features support for Autodesk Land Desktop 3 plus data collector communication, input of field survey data, adjustment and analysis of traverse, and an automated field-to-finish drafting import process. Autodesk OnSite 2 features a robust API, a design publisher, server synchronization and a multi-user system. (Autodesk, San Rafael, Calif.)

Trimble introduced the GPS Pathfinder Pocket receiver. The Pathfinder is a 5 oz. pocket-sized GPS receiver that can be used with pen-based or laptop computers, pocket PCs and Palm devices. The Pathfinder is real-time differential ready, features a removable battery option and a magnetic-based antenna. (Trimble, Sunnyvale, Calif.)