This notice is issued in advance of a full and open competition request for a proposal for the acquisition of the GPS III pre-acquisition effort. The government anticipates releasing the RFP on or about Nov. 7, 2001. The solicitation will be released electronically on the secured GPS III website at To register for this site, contact Todd Rosenbaum at The tentative proposal due date is Dec. 21, 2001. The GPS III program objective is to preserve and build on the Navstar Global Positioning System by creating a new architecture for delivery of position, velocity timing, signals and other services. The system should have the flexibility to anticipate and respond to future military and civilian needs. It should also have a security infrastructure to provide user access to and protection of the entire system. The GPS III system should facilitate the incorporation of additional mission capabilities. The pre-acquisition effort will address system definition, risk management and reductional prime/system integrator study and program management. Contractor teams should include people with expertise in all aspects of GPS system, including space, ground control and user equipment. There are a number of security requirements for this contract.

Tommy Gates, contract negotiator, 310-363-2793. E-mail . Vonda Drake, contracting officer, 310-363-1669. E-mail