Sokkia Corporation announced two new hardware platforms, the SDR8100, which brings data collection into the Windows CE system, and the DAP Microflex CE 5320, which offers a more ruggedized platform able to withstand temperatures of –4°F to + 122°F. Also new are two new software platforms, the SDR Level 5, which provides users SDR functionality on CE-based hardware platforms, and the g2 Graphic Field Assistant, which features GPSlive!, CMD, FlexView, Intelligent Backsight and LandXML files. GPSlive! allows users to view their positions all the time, CMD is a command line for entry of hotkeys, stakeout, inverse points, areas, intersections and more, FlexView allows users to choose the graphic display of the data, and Intelligent Backsight is used for calculating elevations, coordinates and azimuths. (Sokkia, Olathe, Kan.)