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The Open GIS Consortium (OGC Inc.) announced its OGC Civil Works Technology Insertion (CTI) Project. The international project focuses on laying the groundwork for open implementations.

The CTI Project is sponsored by the United States Army Corps of Engineers' Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC). The project applies web mapping technology into practical applications in support of GIS solutions for the Corps Civil Works Divisions and districts. CTI will also aid in expanding on OGC's OGC Network (OGCN) by integrating multiple map servers with online services from OGCN.

Additionally, the CTI Project will support standards-based commercial technology developed and tested during OGC Web Mapping Testbeds and the OGC Upper-Susquehanna-Lackawanna (USL) Pilot Project.

To find out more on the CTI Project, go to www.opengis.org.