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Airborne 1 Corporation, Los Angelos, Calif., and Terrasolid Ltd., Helsinki, Finland, implemented a master distributor agreement.

In the agreement, Airborne 1 is an authorized master distributor for Terrasolid's software products including the TerraScan LiDAR data processing package. TerraScan reads points directly from any ASCII XYZ text file, allows users to work in an open-source binary format for smaller file size and allows for conversion between various formats. This software system enables users to control their own LiDAR data.

TerraScan is available in North America as a LiDAR data manipulation and classification tool and as a low-cost LiDAR data viewer. The U.S. price is $4,950 for the full version and $295 for the viewer. A 30-day demonstration license of TerraScan is available at www.airborne1.com.