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RADARSAT International (RSI), Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, and Agri ImaGIS, Maddock, N.D., have signed an agreement to provide a web-based, crop vigor mapping service to the North American agricultural industry.

In this agreement, Agri ImaGIS will gain access to RSI’s North American LANDSAT 7 archive and data processing capabilities. RSI specializes in providing products and information solutions from Earth-observation satellite data.

The Agri ImaGIS service is geared toward multiple areas of the North American agricultural market, such as growers, producers and manufacturers. According to Lanny Faleide, president of Agri ImaGIS, crop vigor mapping can instantly analyze and monitor fields as well as show variations in crop patterns, highlight potential problem areas, show poor drainage/soil conditions or disease and allow for customization of fertilizers, pesticide spraying and irrigation methods.