Sokkia Corporation has teamed with Panasonic Computer Solutions Company to create a GPS option for Panasonic’s handheld PC, the Toughbook 01. “We see GPS as a killer application for Toughbook 01 mobile professionals,” said Rance Poehler, president of Panasonic Computer Solutions Company.

To accommodate the GPS option, the Toughbook leaves the CF card slot unencumbered so large amounts of GIS data and other spatial information can be hosted on the device. The accuracy of Sokkia’s GPS product is further enhanced by integrating free, real-time corrections through the WAAS network (Wide Area Augmentation System).

The Toughbook 01 is ideal for enabling mapping applications for the GIS professional such as environmental, construction, forestry, homeland security and facility and land management industries. Users can view and edit maps, relate database and spreadsheet data to spatial features, and much more.

With its light, one-pound design, the wireless Toughbook 01 is ready for the open road. Aptly named, the Toughbook stands up to a number of environmental conditions such as moisture, dust and shock. And its 3.5” transreflective, color LCD with Touchscreen and Frontlight provides high visibility day or night.