USGS joins team for homeland security data collection.

Merrick & Company has been selected to provide Pima Association of Governments (PAG), the Metropolitan Planning Organization in the Tucson, Arizona metropolitan area, with PAG’s third major digital orthophoto data acquisition effort.

As a follow up to the services provided by Merrick & Co. in the year 2000, this $1.075 Million contract includes capturing color digital orthophotography for 3260 square miles at a 1’pixel resolution and black and white digital orthophotography for 354 square miles at a ½’ pixel resolution. Deliverables include digital orthophotos (TIFFs), Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), Digital Terrain Models (DTMs), and 2’ contours (ESRI Shapefiles and AutoCAD .DWGs). The contour data will be delivered in two datums, NGVD 1929 and NAVD 1988, on DVDs.

To assist the USGS with the collection of aerial imagery for Homeland Security efforts in major metropolitan areas, Merrick & Co. will provide an overlapping area of approximately 1000 square miles of color digital orthophotography at a .3 meter resolution. This data set will be referenced to UTM Zone 12 and delivered to the USGS on DVDs.

Andy Gunning, PAG’s Director of Regional Planning, explains that Merrick & Co. was selected from among 21 vendors who submitted bids because of their impressive proposal, understanding of the data product deliverables, accuracy levels, and the technical approach, especially in quality assurance/quality control procedures. “We were blown away by the proposal and it was a unanimous decision to select Merrick,” states Gunning. “Our 2000 project with Merrick & Co. was a real success. The project came in on schedule and within budget. This new project has a tight time line and we have a real comfort level with Merrick’s technical approach and ability to complete the project on time.”

Merrick & Co. received the notification of award on June 26, 2002 and the project began on August 14, 2002. Roger Hanson, Regional Office Manager and project manager for the contract, states that “We are delighted to have been awarded this project. We have enjoyed an excellent relationship with PAG over the last two years and we look forward to supporting them again on this important project. They’re great people to work with.”