Kodak, Rochester, N.Y. and LizardTech, Seattle, Wash., announced native support for LizardTech’s MrSID format for image data compression inside Kodak’s releases of IDL Version 5.5 and ENVI Version 3.5. The integration will allow users of IDL and ENVI to read native MrSID image files. MrSID produces files in a wavelet-compressed, multi-resolution raster image format.

IDL is data visualization analysis software. ENVI, which is written in IDL, is an advanced remote sensing image analysis and GIS data integration software. MrSID is an image format program for geospatial professionals and reduces high-resolution images to less than five percent of their original file size. IDL will provide a programming interface for reading and querying MrSID files. These commands can be used to construct custom viewers for MrSID data. ENVI offers a full range of digital image processing functionality. Using ENVI in conjunction with MrSID allows very large images to be displayed with selective decompression so that only the portion needed for display is decompressed. Visit www.kodak.com/go/globalimagin, www.researchsystems.com or www.lizardtech.com