Once the Web service is deployed, other applications can invoke it.

The Open GIS Consortium Inc. (OCG), Wayland, Mass., has begun Phase 1 of its OCG Web Services Initiative (OWS-1). The OWS-1 initiative mission is to define interfaces that support interoperability among geospatially enabled web services. Once the Web service is deployed, other applications and Web services can discover and invoke the deployed service. OWS-1 is a multi-phase initiative, each phase of which will focus on specific technology and “thread sets.” OWS-1 Thread Set 1 focuses on common architecture, Web mapping and sensor Web. OWS-1 will be conducted as part of an integrated set of OGC Interoperability Initiatives such as the Military Pilot Project Phase 1, the Open Location Services Initiative and the Multi-hazard Mapping Initiative Phase 1. OWS-1 Thread Set 1 will end in February 2002. Thread Set 2 will commence in 2002. Visit www.opengis.org.