A/E firms are being sought to provide aerial photography, remote sensing, aerotriangulation, large and small-scale topographic maps, landuse/landcover analysis and mapping for the St. Louis District, United States Army Corps of Engineers. A minimum of four up to a maximum of seven indefinite delivery contracts will be negotiated and awarded. The first contract is anticipated to be awarded in December 2001 with the remaining contracts to be awarded at approximately one month intervals thereafter. Work will be for photogrammetric mapping, remote sensing and aerial photography of sites for the United States Army Corps of Engineers and other federal agencies. While services will primarily be for areas throughout the United States, services may be required for selected areas throughout the world. The potential exists that some requested services will include data classified up to SECRET. Prior to award, the A/E must demonstrate ability to achieve interim SECRET clearance for facilities, equipment and personnel involved in producing photogrammetric products. Certain selection requirements and submission requirements apply.

Joan Brickey, (314) 331-8521 Joan.C.Brickey@mvs02.usace.army.mil