New drainage software solution is designed for transportation departments and their private consultants.

CAiCE Software Corporation, Tampa, Fla., released Visual Drainage, a new drainage software solution designed for transportation departments and their private consultants. Visual Drainage integrates roadway design data with the drainage design process. It combines standardized engineering principals and processes with an automated solution by automating the calculation of hydrologic and hydraulic parameters. Drainage network layout, inlet spread analysis and rational method storm tabulations can all be computed without the need to access another software program or spreadsheet. The roadway drainage process is performed in a 3D interactive environment and the Visual Toolbox improves project setup and user interaction. Other features of Visual Drainage include comprehensive culvert design and analysis capabilities and an integrated suite of tools to delineate catchment areas, calculate average slope, flow path and time of concentration. It creates automated storm tabulation spreadsheets that conform to HEC-22 standards, gives designers flexibility in establishing elements such as invert and rim elevations, and includes automated inlet layout, automated storm drain computations and interactive gutter spread analysis. Accurate delineation of sub basins, customized VBA reports, and the ability to leverage DTM information by automatically reading in cross slope, longitudinal slope and elevation data are other capabilities.