New software is a 3-D network adjustment application for terrestrial and GPS networks.

DeLorme, a leading innovator in digital mapping and location technologies, announced the availability of GeoSpider, a software tool for surveyors, engineers, and scientists. GeoSpider features a high performance 3-D Network Adjustment engine developed by Alfred Leick, author of the popular book GPS Satellite Surveying (J. Wiley Publishing, 1990/1995). GeoSpider is capable of performing terrestrial, GPS only, or combined GPS and terrestrial adjustments on networks of virtually any size observed anywhere in the world.

GeoSpider includes an intuitive and flexible Windows interface for entering, editing, and analyzing observations. Data can be imported in a variety of formats, including text, TDS, OBS, and NGS Blue Book files. Export formats include simple text, lat/lon text, Plane Coordinate CSV, DXF, and Geodetic Horizon files. Product Features GeoSpider provides the following capabilities:

  • 3-D Network Adjustment engine capable of performing terrestrial, GPS only, or combined GPS and terrestrial adjustments
  • Option for detecting misclosures
  • Automatic blunder detection option and other advanced adjustment features
  • Generation of station coordinates based on observations, given at least one geospatially known station (especially useful for combined GPS and terrestrial networks)
  • Simulate mode helpful for mission planning and determination of a good network design
  • Support for networks of virtually any size (limited only by available memory). Networks of 2,000 stations and 10,000 observations have been effectively tested
  • Graphical analysis of observation residuals, redundancy numbers, and normalized residuals. Graphs indicate which observations fail the tau test
  • Graphical analysis of horizontal, vertical, and 3-D station position accuracy
  • Standard Windows graphical interface
  • Support of meters, US survey feet, and international feet. Angles can be entered in decimal degrees, DMS, or radians
  • Support of Lat/Lon, State Plane, UTM, and MGRS for station input and output coordinates. User defined local plane coordinates can also be exported to a file
  • Support of ellipsoid heights and orthometric heights based on GEOID99 and EGM96
  • GPS vector and coordinate data import through the widely supported NGS Blue Book format