Sitescope, the parent company of Homecheck, the provider of online risk information, has signed an agreement with the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain to create the largest online electronic map library in the UK. The electronic maps will be stitched together to provide a series of seamless time layered maps of the UK. The project involves electronically scanning and capturing data from hundreds of thousands of Ordnance Survey large-scale paper maps. The maps date from 1840 to the present day. The maps will be scanned, logged and then digitised by InfoTech Enterprises Europe’s team of highly skilled data conversion specialists. The digitisation work will actually take place at InfoTech’s offshore facilities in India with the data being passed via secure links and completed in InfoTech’s state of the art facilities in Hyderabad. Security of the original maps, many of which are irreplaceable, is very important. The maps have been brought together in London from different locations. The digitising process will capture every industrial use and will be digitally catalogued. Sitescope will be undertaking the project in conjunction with InfoTech Enterprises Europe, a GIS and data capture company. The whole project is estimated to involve 50 man-years, however with InfoTech’s resource base, Sitescope plans to have the project completed in a few months with the data available via Homecheck’s web services during the first half of 2002.