EnerQuest Systems LLC, and Optech will partner with Z/I Imaging on part of the project.

Z/I Imaging Corporation, Saint Petersburg, Fla., announced at the MAPPS/ASPRS 2001 Fall DEM Specialty Conference its plans to extend the TerraShare enterprise system into the area of high-volume elevation data production management.

The new system, TerraShare Enterprise DTM, will integrate all elements of elevation processing and management into an enterprise environment that will add tools and productivity enhancements to the workflow. The solution will support the production and management of elevation data from many sensors and techniques. TerraShare will manage, in a distributed environment, many common varieties of elevation data in their native formats. A DTM services layer will be added to TerraShare that will provide a set of server-side functions such as contouring and LIDAR filtering. An open programmers interface will be provided to the services layer. Z/I Imaging-provided client applications will include visualization, stereo editing and production generation tools. EnerQuest Systems LLC, Denver., Colo., and Optech of Toronto, Canada, will partner with Z/I Imaging on the LIDAR part of the project.