The two new total stations are part of the reflectorless R-Series.

PENTAX Corporation Survey Instrument Division, Denver, Colo., released two new total stations in the reflectorless R-Series. The R-122N has a DIN angle accuracy of two seconds, distance accuracy of 2mm+2ppm and two keyboard/displays. The R-123N has a DIN angle accuracy of three seconds, distance accuracy of 3mm+2ppm and one keyboard/display. A second display is optional. Distance range for both models is 11,000 feet to a single prism, 1,300 feet to reflective tape and 280 feet to objects. Both the R-122N and the R-123N include the Triple Focusing System, visible laser dot, absolute encoders, internal memory for 7500 data points, Dual-Axis compensator and eight line high contrast displays. Temperature and pressure sensors are built into the instruments for automatic PPM correction calculations. Both models also have PSF software on board. Functions include coordinate stake out, distance stake out, missing line coordinates, offset shots, remote elevation, resection, data storage and memory management. The memory can be used for data storage and coordinates stake out. Data functions include coordinates send, receive and edit, survey data send, receive and edit, remaining memory, manual data entry and communication setup.