The summit showcased graphics, visualization applications and more.

Leading government and defense officials as well as defense integrators met at the SGI Defense Summit on Oct. 30. in Crystal City, Va., to discuss new digital defense technology. The summit showcased graphics and visualization applications.

“The SGI Defense Summit brings together the nation’s foremost leaders in defense to review the role of technology on the digital battlefield,” Bob Bishop, the chairman and CEO of SGI said. “Through the sharing of complex data and use of visualization, government agencies can collaborate to gain valuable insight. Together, with the government and our defense integrators, we see ourselves as part of the national defense effort to help solve America’s most pressing security problems.”

Lieutenant General James King, former director of the U.S. National Imagery and Mapping Agency, was the keynote speaker at the event. He discussed the Defense Department’s sensor-to-shooter concept. The summit also featured a panel of high-level information technology leaders from the Department of Defense. These speakers focused on the importance of leading-edge technology. Art Money, former assistant defense secretary and SGI board member, and executives from SGI, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Space Imaging, Raytheon, Harris Corp. and Anteon Corp. demonstrated how high-performance computing enables defense agencies and contractors to run high-power applications to wage digital warfare and promote security at home.

Some of the graphics and visualization applications run on SGI systems that were discussed and displayed at the summit included flight simulators, TOPSCENE, Space-to-Face, InRealityTM and RealSiteTM, command and control. TOPSCENE is a mission-planning rehearsal system for the U.S. Navy. Space-to-Face focused on Space Imaging’s high-resolution imagery data transmitted from space by its IKONOS satellite that can be resolved to one-meter commercial high-resolution imagery on the ground. InReality and RealSite are homeland security visualization tools. SGI systems is tying together several air-based weapons systems into one command and control architecture.