Database attribute tables are just one feature of the release.

Avenza Systems Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, announced the release of Major Cities USA, a set of 44 geo-referenced and MAPublisher optimized Adobe Illustrator files, including database attribute tables. Each Adobe Illustrator file contains separate layers for each map feature. Up to 12 feature types are included for each area and for areas encompassing more than one country, individual country data files have been grouped to form a single Illustrator layer. All geographic data has been imported and laid out in Adobe Illustrator in a ready-to-use presentation. For areas covering multiple counties, similar feature types have been combined on single layers. All files are geographically referenced and scaled, and they include the geographic information necessary to transform or project using MAPublisher . All road and water line layers have been pre-joined to facilitate easier labeling and more. All road attribute name columns have been concentrated so that the complete name is available to facilitate easier labeling. All layers come complete with an attribute table containing unique information for each map feature.