Companies to jointly market airborne laser mapping technology.

Z/I Imaging Corporation, Huntsville, Ala., and Optech Incorporated, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, announced a strategic alliance under which the two companies will jointly market and further the development of airborne laser mapping technology. Under this comprehensive agreement, Z/I Imaging will reference-sell Optech's market-leading Airborne Laser Terrain Mapper (ALTM) and Optech will reference-sell Z/I Imaging's extensive software production tools. In addition, the two companies will cooperate to rapidly advance the state of production tools, enabling users to more effectively capture, store and process LIDAR data.

"Optech is clearly the industry leader in both technology and quality of products," said Lewis Graham, CEO of Z/I Imaging. "This new agreement will allow our two companies to combine our respective talents to offer best-of-breed systems for the collection and processing of airborne laser data."

"This agreement gives our collective customers the total integrated solution they are looking for," said Don Carswell, president of Optech. "Each of us can now offer best-of-class tools from data capture and storage right through to downstream deliverables."