Trimble Announces New 3300 DR Total Station

Trimble, Cologne, Germany, introduced its new 3300 Total Station with Direct Reflex technology, designed to improve productivity in surveying and engineering applications. The 3300 DR can be used as a stand-alone measuring and stakeout instrument for data capture and filed computations.

The DR measurement technique allows surveyors to measure directly to any surface with high accuracy and without a prism. It also allows operators to measure objects up to 100 meters away without special accessories and measurement techniques.

DR has an advanced internal memory and is a self-contained system with a data collector, operating cable-free from the same built-in battery. All models are shipped with Terramodel Field Data Module, which can download observation data from 3300 DR, automatically coordinating points in 3D, displaying data graphically and drafting using feature code attributes as well as providing the interface to CAD and design packages.