Get a deal on a Ranger.

Tripod Data Systems (TDS) is offering a rebate on TDS Rangers to registered customers of TDS products. Old Husky hand-held computers could be worth up to $1,500.

From now until Dec. 31, 2001, customers can trade-in their Huskys (FS/2, FS/GS, FS/3 or MP2500 models only) and receive substantial rebates on TDS Ranger purchases. The rebate applies to TDS Ranger 133T, 200T and 200C models (Ranger R models are excluded).

Users should contact their TDS dealers to purchase a TDS Ranger with Survey Pro software before December 31st to be eligible for the following trade-in rebates:

  • Purchase: Husky Trade in allowance: TDS Ranger bundle* with Survey Pro software: $600
  • TDS Ranger bundle* with Survey Pro Robotic software: $850
  • TDS Ranger bundle* with Survey Pro GPS software: $1,200
  • TDS Ranger bundle* with Survey Pro Max software: $1,500
    *these bundles come complete with tripod bracket, instrument cable, PC cable, soft case, stylus pen, LCD covers, recharger, NiMH batteries and Survey Link for Windows.

    Once users have made their purchases, they will need to fill out the rebate form provided by their dealer and then contact TDS for instructions on sending in their Huskys.

    Since its introduction, the TDS Ranger has proven itself to be a powerful data collector. The Ranger's battery pack supplies over 35 hours of continuous use per charge, and the ability to recharge to 90 percent in about 1 hour. The non-volatile storage system keeps your data secure, even if the battery does go dead. And the Ranger demonstrates superior performance under the most demanding conditions, extreme temperatures, driving rain, dust, punishing bumps and drops.

    Survey Pro CE was built to unleash the potential of the Windows CE operating system. Users can use it for traverse, sideshot, coordinate geometry, staking and adjustment routines. Survey Pro's latest features allow users to work with reflectorless total stations, generate digital terrain models, collect attribute data and organize their work as they go.

    For more information on the TDS Ranger and Survey Pro software, please visit TDS's website at or call TDS Sales at 541/753-9322.

    Ranger must be with TDS brand logo. Other brands of Ranger are NOT eligible for rebates. Purchase must be completed by Dec. 31, 2001. No credit for purchase before November 16, 2001. Rebate application and Husky must be received at TDS by January 31, 2002. To claim your rebate, valid proof of Ranger purchase and Ranger product serial number are required. You must contact TDS sales at 541/753-9322 for a return merchandise authorization to accompany your Husky, which you will send to TDS. Customer is responsible for shipping charges. Upon receipt and verification TDS will issue a rebate check.

    Call for more information.